Nathan's story- chapters 3-4!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the next chapter of Nathan's story! I hope you've been waiting so excitedly for this post!

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Although I have left to spend my summer in America now, Nathan is still going to be working with me to keep his story going! We are using GoogleDocs to continue on this quest!

Now... lets get into the story!

Chapter 3

Everything was strange today.

All the people around me have wings, just like me.  I don’t think they can see or feel them though. Feathers flew in the air that made summer seem more like December. Some of the people have wings that looked healthy with feathers, but more people had bone-like wings with no feathers.

I went to school and noticed again that the feathers made classroom look snowy. Ted came to school too, he told me he was feeling sick, but I could see that he has healthy-looking wings. They were not like mine.

I didn’t tell him or anyone what I saw because I don’t want people see me as an eccentric person. I need to find the white hood, after we met that guy things became strange.

After night study, I asked Ted whether he could join me to find the white hood.

“So you can also see the wings, right?” said Ted.

I was shocked to hear that he has the same problem as me.

We went to the basement door and this time it wasn’t closed, so we ran inside.

At first we didn’t find the white hood, there was nothing in the basement except a few old bicycles. The bicycles were there since the first day I came to school.

We snuck upstairs and everything was foggy. Suddenly, the white hood appeared right in front of me without making a sound.

Chapter 4

“Who are you?” I asked the White hood. I hadn’t asked what his name or who he was when we first met. I hoped we have space to communicate.

              He kept silence for few seconds.

“I’m a cleaner. I clean bad consequences because of human nature.” he said.

He had a child-like voice, but he was almost taller than the ceiling in the basement.

“I also have a question.” The white hood said. ”How can you see me?” It was funny to hear him asking me something, like I knew more than he did.

“We can not only see you, but also lots of strange things have happened.” Ted said with an angry tone in his voice.

“Everyone we see has wings on their back. I thought it was an illusion until we realized we both can see them.” I said.

“I guess you guys somehow got involved when I was doing my job.”

“So can you help us to solve our sight problems?” Ted said.

“Yes, but you have to help me first.”  The white hood said, giggling with a sharp tone.

Suddenly, as he was giggling, all of the lights turned on.

We were still in the basement, but lots of things changed.

The basement was crowded with bikes and backpacks and there were test books flying everywhere like butterflies. That’s when I finally saw the face of the white hood. 

As I looked at him, it seemed as though his face was not solid like a humans, but he was showing himself in a human form. I looked closer to inquire about him, and I realized that he was fog.

Stay tuned for chapters 5 and 6!

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