Making Measuring Fun and Engaging for lower primary!

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Ugh, it's been so long. Grad school is so overwhelming (amiright, my other full-time teachers/grad students?!), but I'm on a short hiatus now and I really want to get back connected with you!

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I know so many of you are on lockdown and are doing distance learning right now. My heart is with you!!!!! Here in Taiwan, the government has managed to keep the cases under control (I mean... I'm often just waiting for the other shoe to drop but for now, it's going well) and so we are still in school. We have our temperatures taken and are wearing masks EVERYDAY all day (see pic below LOL). It does get tiring and h o t but it's nice to not have the feelings of stress related to distance learning. If that's you right now, you are not alone. Your worth as an educator is not reliant on this insane time right now. You will get through this time, and you will come out better in some way. I am sure of that.

Today I want to share with you a product from my TPT store on measurement for lower primary. I know many of you are not in school right now, but save this page (or follow my TPT page!) and come back to this product when you need it again! I hope this measurement activity works for you. It's so much fun every year that I do it!

This activity is titled Measure the class. This isn’t like go around and find things to measure… nope! For this activity, you are measuring the STUDENTS and TEACHERS! You will compare and contrast and use measurement vocabulary to highlight differences in heights within the class. So… measure the CLASS! Get it?!

My kids love being able to see how tall they are and compare it to others in the class. This makes it personal by measuring them and letting them see their height and comparing it to others around them. It also "heightens" their interest in the activity because I mean....who doesn't like talking about themselves? ;)

It’s pretty low prep, but you will want a large paper for the background. This is where you will do the actual measuring and documenting the students’ height data. My activity on Teachers Pay Teachers that has tons of other pieces of the lesson that you would want to have (teacher directions, modification ideas, anchor charts, worksheets to use throughout the entire assignment, etc.). My activity also covers estimating and allows the students to practice estimating before they complete the activity. Estimating can be such a tricky skill, practicing it regularly and making the practice meaningful is so important!

This activity has got everything you would need to make this lesson super smooth, clear for your students and FUN! Plus, you will have that tangible formative data for schools that may different expectations for data gathering.

Teachers should definitely get into the fun of this though! As you can see in the activity preview, I do! The students have a lot of fun when they are measuring the teachers as well. You can use this interest to participate by allowing them to measure each other instead of the teacher doing it. Students could also work in small groups and present the data they gather in that group instead of as a whole class. This would give the opportunity to make it a competition to see who can make the best estimations before they measure each other. There are some many ways that you can differentiate this!

Depending on your standards/unit goals with measurement, you can use standard or non-standard units to measure the students. I do not teach standard units of measurement in my unit, so we focus only on non-standard. I’ve used string, just drawn on a paper with a marker, used different materials in the classroom and taped them to the poster, etc. If you want to pick 1 material and use that throughout the entire measurement activity, you could do that (I’m imagining someone using paper clips, markers, unused pencils, books!).

This is just a fun way to practice some measuring and estimation skills. I do this EVERY YEAR because it’s always sooo successful!

Click HERE for the Measure The Class activity!

What are some other types of activities you would like me to write about? I am working on a narrative writing genre study product for TPT and should have that up soon! It’s 6 weeks and focuses on grades 1-3. The point is to really help your students dive into narrative writing and all the sub-genres that can come from that. Would you be interested in more genre study units, math units or UOI (if you are at an IB school) unit plans?! Let me know!

As always, thanks for being here. I love this little community and am so happy to work and share with so many teachers worldwide! If you haven’t already, connect with me on instagram @taylorteachesinternational!

Talk to you again soon!

XOXO, Taylor

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