Is moving abroad right for my family??

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Today I want to talk about some of the other issues that you may face when you choose to move abroad! There are plenty of issues that may pop up or decisions to be made when it comes to moving in general, but especially moving abroad! Read on to see some tips from me on some things to consider and ways to get there!

So now that you have figured out what route you want to use to get a job in another country, you’re thinking about finances. Perhaps you have a family and you’re thinking, “How can we afford to move so far away?” I’m not going to say that it will be EASY but what I can tell you is that it is POSSIBLE!

When we moved to Taiwan, I had been out of university for slightly more than a year. My husband was working in veterinary sciences and wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do with his life yet. We had a dog, which I wasn’t willing to give up. We were 22 and 24. It was a scary possibly of leaving behind everything I knew and figuring it all out.

We spent about half of our MINOR savings in moving here. There were plane tickets to buy, a whole house to restock, etc. etc. etc. Often times, your school can help you set up about 50-75% of what you need (they can hire a real estate agent to help you find a house/they have apartments for their staff already). If someone is leaving your new school/the country, you can see if they are selling some secondhand household items (beds, couches, kitchen stuff, tvs, etc.), which would help in getting some things for a cheaper price or even just ensuring that you don’t have to go out and try to get what you are looking for.

If you have a family, you may have familial benefits from your school. If you are working at an international school, you may get FREE/reduced tuition for 1-2 kids (or if it's a really good school, maybe you get it for all of them!!). If your child is not old enough for school, look into the pre-school or nanny options in the country. Often, there are people posting in groups on facebook that are looking for nanny jobs. You may want to hold an interview and get some extra information from them, but it’s totally possible to find someone you trust (I know multiple people who have). And yes, PEOPLE DO MOVE TO NEW COUNTRIES WITH YOUNG KIDS!!! Having young children is not a solid excuse as to why you just can’t go anymore… you can make it work if you do the work and the planning. It happens all the time.

If you have a pet, look into the quarantine laws and make your own choice. My husband and I knew we couldn’t leave our dog, Jim, and so we paid what we had to and we went through the processes that we needed to ensure that he was with us for the rest of his little life. This may not be a choice for everyone, and that’s okay. If you still want to move abroad, find your pet a GOOD HOME or see if there is a family/friend willing to keep your pet for you while you are gone. If none of this seems possible, then of course you would have to make the hard choice of what you want… but please please please please avoid just surrendering at a shelter if at all possible. Consider ALL POSSIBLE solutions before you make your decision. Your pet is FAMILY and deserves to be treated like one.

You know to do your research; I mean that’s partially why you’re even reading this blog post! You know to find out salaries and average rents, etc. I’m not going to give that advice. You already know it! I hope this little bit of advice on some of the other aspects of moving have been helpful. But I want to close this post with some advice…

You can always go home. You aren’t making good money or you feel like this isn’t the life for you… you can go home. But when you are 40, 50, 60 years old, will you look back at your life and remember that time that you just JUMPED and did it? Or will you remember the chance you had but turned down? Money will come and go, but your life is worth more than just waking up everyday and working and sleeping and eating until you die.

If this idea has been on your mind but you’ve been looking for that sign saying to do it or that little push, saying don’t be afraid… this is that. Get up and GO! You may not stay forever, but you won’t regret the time that you went.

If you have any other questions or ideas you want me to discuss here, let me know! I would love to help you figure out what is best for you and your family!



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