Big Podcast round up- Educational, fitness/health, politics/international affairs, motivational!

Alright y’all, I asked and the Instagram community answered! Podcasts are great for personal and professional growth, but also for entertainment when a t.v. just isn't cutting it and you're not feeling like reading (but just don't tell our students that! LOL). But really... practicing those listening skills and gaining some knowledge or insight is just incredible! I'm even considering starting my own podcast for my students to use in the classroom or at home for reading and following along (if I do, of course I'll post about that!).

In this post, I am going to be rounding up my favorite podcasts for a few different topics- education, politics/international affairs, fitness/health, motivation, entertainment, investigative, etc.

I want to give you a bit of a review and some information so you know what you’re getting into! I listen to all of my podcasts on the Apple Podcasts app, but I am pretty sure you can get most of them on any other platforms. I've got a lot on here, so if you're only here for a small section, skip ahead and find what you were looking for.

I’m going to break these down by topic, so buckle in and lets go!


Okay, this is an education blog so I am going to start with the education-focused podcasts. These pods are great for discovering new skills or approaches that you can utilize in the classroom, plus it’s like professional development literally at your fingertips! They are also helpful to continue your own personal growth, as a lot of these pods touch on addressing culture or cultural differences in the classroom (there is another blog post in the works that focuses on cultural differences- I should have that out soon- subscribe below so I can update you when it’s posted!).

1. The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast with Jennifer Gonzalez

Oh my goodness, I am obsessed with this podcast! Seriously, Jennifer touches on all the topics I, as a teacher, want growth in. She discusses topics like: best practices, powerful research-based strategies, talking about race, adding movement in the classroom, tech tools, and even dress code! Seriously this podcast is a 5 star podcast for a reason. CHECK IT OUT

2. TED Education

This just feels like a “duh” for me. This is a video pod though, so you are not able to go on a walk and “close” your phone while listening. But also I really just love the TED talk model.

3. Teaching While White

I have mentioned this pod in other posts, but seriously this is one amazing pod!!! This pod is amazing for opening your eyes to the institutionalized racism that we (as white folks) may be blind to. There were many times in episodes where I would hear something and audibly say “oh wow… oh yes.” This is the pod to listen to if you are white, you are aware of your whiteness, and you want to know how you can still be the best teacher for all your students.

4. Teaching Tomorrow Podcast by Celeste Kirsh

This is another great one! Similar to The Cult of Pedagogy, there’s some awesome PD type stuff on here and totally worth the listen!

5. The Early Childhood Research Podcast

This pod uses science and research-based info to help listeners gain knowledge or interest in different topics. Their last episode was put out in February of 2018, so don’t expect new episode per week, but still worth the listen!

6. Talks with Teachers by Brian Sztabnik

Also stopped putting out episodes in 2018, but he brings in teachers who are doing awesome things in their classroom and creates a conversation that should inspire you to get going and get moving!

7. Mindshift Podcast by KQED

This is a great pod for teachers to listen to and feel inspired. It respects our job, while also providing good information and skills for teachers. The episodes address real problems that we may face and how others have managed and grown from these. Example episodes: How listening to podcasts helps students read and learn; another: What does love look like in a school.

8. Teach Create Motivate Podcast with Ashley Marquez

Ashley is a teacher and blogger who provides real life advice and resources for teachers. You can also follow her on instagram at teachcreatemotivate! She gives ideas that really can be put into place immediately in your classroom!

9. PodcastPD

This is a super relevant and helpful pod that gives you a chance to grow as a teacher through just listening. The main goal is to provide teachers with PD so you know that you’re getting good advice! Definitely worth a listen!

10. Always a Lesson’s Empowering Educators Podcast

This a great, quick podcast for getting some empowerment before you head into work or ending your day, especially after a long day. Her most recent episode “Turn your Whelm Upside Down” is so good to keep your focus on staying positive and relaxed over this summer.

11.We Teach Languages

This is a great pod for language teachers, or just a teacher who is interested in learning about language teaching. We are all language teachers in some way or another, so hearing about other teachers and how they support students is soooo helpful!

12.Teaching with Inquiry

This pod is great to help you with gaining insight on skills you can use immediately. The pods that you learn from are wonderful, but I think we all can agree that having information on skills you can use immediately is a whole different kind of helpful!

13.For the Love of Teaching

This is a great pod that is relatively short and sweet. You can skip around and find an episode that fits your interest. It’s totally worth the listen! Good for a shower and getting ready before work!

14. House of #EdTech

This is GREAT for teachers looking to gain more information or knowledge on how to use technology in your classroom more. This is really good for EdTech Coaches but also helpful for teachers! Don’t be afraid of getting into this just because you’re not an edtech coach.

15.10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Another short and sweet pod for gaining insight into skills you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

Politics/International Affairs

Okay, now I’m not about to get into political convos with you, but if you’re interested in some political pods that I listen to and enjoy… here ya go! Reminder that I am American, so these pods will focus mostly within America.

1. Pod Save America

Definitely a more liberal pod, and also a bit opinion… but does contain real reports on events happening. After reporting, the hosts (who are also very funny) give their opinions and discuss.

2. Pod Save the World

This is the same company (Crooked Media) but is their international affairs pod. Here you can listen to a bit more international reports vs. American only. Again, they will have a lot of opinion discussions as well and are a more liberal group, but still has good facts in there!

3. TED News and Politics

Again, this is another DUH one for me! I love the TED talk model.

4. NPR Up First

These pods are great because they are short and sweet, but definitely get to the point. They give you all the news you need to get through your day. What I really like about this pod is that it is everyday. You never feel like you miss anything! This is helpful for me because I don’t get American news channels in Taiwan. I have to look things up to get my news usually (which is still a better recommendation than twitter, by the way!)

5. This Land

This is a pod that is also from Crooked Media (same as Pod Save America/The World). This follows the story of a murder from 1999 and a 1839 assassination of a Cherokee leader and the aftermath. These are almost 200 years apart, and there is a 2019 Supreme Court decision that will determine the fate of five tribes and the land surrounding them. Question from the pod: is half the land in Oklahoma Indian country? (Fun fact: I am of Cherokee descent!)

Fitness and Health

I'm not sure about y'all, but I love all things health and fitness! These are a few of my favorite health and fitness pods.

1. The Food Medic Podcast by Dr. Hazel Wallace

Hazel also runs thefoodmedic instagram and the blog of the same name. All of her work is dedicated to science-backed information about health and fitness. What I love about her is that she doesn’t promote only “thin” is healthy. She really focuses on how to help others be healthy and happy.

2. Hidden Brain by NPR

This one is more psychology-based, but definitely relevant to health! I like to skip around and find pods that sound like something I am interested in… for example the “The Weight of Our Words” episode was a great one.

3. Diet Starts Tomorrow by Betches Media

DST is definitely for the millennials amongst us, but still worth a listen. They still bring in good guests with science-backed information. It’s also just two NYC-based girls chatting about their health and fitness journeys.

4. TED Talks Health

Again… duh.

5. The Unlock Wellness Podcast

Science-back and worth listening to! Dr. Kasey Johnson is well prepared and has guests that really bring diversity and relevance to their conversations. This pod is pretty inspirational.

6. The Genius Life

Max Lugavere is a nutrition expert in talking about science-backed BRAIN HEALTH!! He brings in qualified guests to talk about living healthy and eating for a healthier brain and body vs weight loss.


1. Encyclopedia Womannica

This pod is great to learn more about the AMAZING women in our world!!! Also, super short and to the point- no more than 10 minutes!

2. Empower Her with Kacia Fitzgerald

This pod is ALL motivational!!!! Seriously Kacia has a pod out there for something that you need to hear, or something you didn’t know you needed to hear. I listen to one every morning before work to get myself pumped and feeling confident. It’s directed towards women, but definitely still beneficial for men. Just ignore all the times she says “you go girl” or “you can do it girl!”

3. Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel

The pods here are typically based on therapy sessions that real people have had, and are heavily relationship based. I’ve included this because it just makes sense to think about needing motivation in relationships sometimes (y’all if you aren’t married, you don’t understand yet but it is not easy!). Esther is a license therapist, and she helps listeners navigate through their relationship struggles that you might relate to.

4. Life is Short with Justin Long

Justin talks with his guests about their lives and things they have experienced. His brother, Christian, helps him and they are pretty funny together. He’s got some of the best guests as well: Olivia Wilde, Lena Dunham, Wolfgang Puck, Dax Shepard (arm chair expert himself!), Neil Patrick, Harris, etc. Just an all around good pod.

Okay, so there’s my list of podcasts! I have others that I listen to as well, but I left them out because they just didn’t fit in any of these above groupings. If you give any of these a listen and enjoy them, let me know in the comments below or on instagram @taylorteachesinternational

You can also send me an email with any questions or concerns that you may have!

I hope you find something on this list to inspire or entertain you!!!

Also, do you have any must listen to pods that I didn’t include here? Share them down below, and I’ll take a listen! :)

Xoxo, Taylor

Note: these are my personal opinions and I am not in any way connected to any of these podcasts.

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